Emotional Harmony

Emotional Harmony 

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Addictions of any kind fulfil a deep seated need.

Most treatments that are available frankly don't work very well. This is because their focus of intervention is predominately upon the visible part of the activity, whereas the loci of power reside within the subconscious mind.

Addictions are often a means of coping with a deep underlying anxiety, often coupled with the mechanism of secondary gain, i.e. the 'solution' to the original problem becomes its own problem.

On one level we really want to overcome an addiction, of whatever kind, that is having such a damaging effect on our family, relationships and work performance; together with our health and quality of life. That much is obvious; but, on another level that is not so obvious, the addiction can actually be performing a function we believe is beneficial.

We can actually maintain the purpose of this function because of the 'benefit' we associate with it. This is not an issue of dishonesty; it's just that our mind is many faceted.  In turn, it can lead us to deny that our addiction is a problem.

This article, from 'Drinkaware' provides an overview of Alcohol dependency; while this article from 'The Royal College of Psychiatrists' focuses on problem Gambling.

There can often be a deep seated internal opposition to giving up the addiction. The prospect of living without that comfort can seem too difficult and requires significant life changes.

These underlying anxieties can usually be identified and the cause replaced with a more positive outlook. So often, many of these anxieties originate from childhood. Once they are identified and systematically resolved, it becomes much easier to control the addiction.

A further advantage of this approach is that it becomes much less likely to simply replace one addiction or addictive behaviour with another, because the underlying anxiety has been resolved.