Emotional Harmony

Emotional Harmony 

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Anger Management

Anger becomes the predominant feeling behaviourally, cognitively and physiologically when a person makes the conscious choice to take action to immediately stop a threatening behaviour of another outside force. The threat can be real or imagined, verbal or physical.

How did we become 'Angry'?

Anger is the emotion of not having our needs met.

To be angry is to suffer. It doesn't help anyone to get angry - all too often anger can become the primary way of expressing oneself. Anger hurts whoever is angry. Anger ruins relationships and careers, causes heartache and regret, and can devastate health and wellbeing.

Tiredness, stress, pain and hormonal imbalances can all contribute to the problem.

We all have triggers for our anger whether it is simply being ignored or someone contradicting our core beliefs. Understanding what they are and re-examining our thoughts around them can be among the first steps to managing anger.

All too often we 'learnt' anger in childhood - this may have been our parents constantly arguing, or growing up in a culture where we were not allowed to express anger. Perhaps being angry wasn't unacceptable and a sign or failure.

We need to identify when, how and why we 'learnt' that anger is an acceptable behaviour in difficult situations, in order to overcome these deep-rooted emotions and behaviours.